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Trading Platform Setup

Discussion in 'Trading Strategies by SHIGERU (FX/TRADING MASTER)' started by SHIGERU, May 17, 2016.



    Before you start on your trading journey, you need 4 important things.

    1. A stable, popular, versatile trading platform

    2. A proven, trustworthy Forex Broker

    3. A simple trading chart

    4. Setting up your Trading Charts for your Smartphone, PC or Mac

    We will uncover the points above and guide you along the way - but let's start with some basics.

    1. A stable, popular, versatile Trading Platform - MetaTrader 4 (also known as MT4)

    It's been around for a long time..
    MetaTrader 4 (also known as MT4) is the world's most popular trading software. They've been around for a long time now (since 2000! - That's 17 years ago (as of current writing in 2017))

    Most Retail Forex brokers in the world provide MetaTrader 4 (and version 5) to their clients. It's a very simple and stable Forex Trading Platform, and since it's most commonly used, you will find many videos and instructions on YouTube if you have any issues. It also comes with programmable features and has a loyal trader community behind it.

    Although there has been a newer release (MetaTrader 5), we've found that majority of Traders still use MetaTrader 4, and it's still highly supported from the developers (MetaQuotes Software Corp.) So.. until something changes and we find there's a better replacement, we will continue to recommend you to use MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

    We recommend using MetaTrader Version 4 to try trading the strategies you see on our website. However, it does not matter if you already have a trading platform. Our strategies in our website works the same on any sort of trading platform.

    Multi-Platform Supported
    MetaTrader also works on nearly all devices, allowing you to trade from a Smartphone (Android Phones /iOS (iPhone)) or a PC/Mac, including Android powered Tablets as well as Apple iPads.


    We highly recommend downloading the the MetaTrader 4 platform from FXPrimus.

    Register free for your demo account, and then download the MetaTrader (MT4) Platform in their download section.

    2. A proven, trustworthy, Forex Broker

    With the popularity of Forex trading becoming more and more popular... there are many Brokers available on the market today, and it's no secret that many Forex brokerages are suspicious, dodgy and work to trade against their own clients. Many of which have shut down, and some even closing due to major market events which caused liquidity issues.

    FX Primus since it was founded over 18 years ago, it has built itself to be a very popular and stable Forex Brokerage with over 220,000 Forex traders worldwide from over 200 over countries as of current writing. They provide trading services and complete support to Traders worldwide and have gained a very strong reputation with serious and high net-worth traders.

    The onefxx team of traders has also personally traded with FX Primus for a long time and we have been very satisfied and happy with their response and support. They offer a very competitive trading environment and we at onefxx are happy to recommend FX Primus as one of our preferred platforms to trade on.

    FX Primus was founded in 1999 by an experienced team of retail and hedge-fund traders, and is headquartered in Cyprus with CySEC direct regulatory oversight and with licensing authority from a dozen other regulatory agencies.

    Client deposits are safely segregated from operating capital in offshore accounts with a Tier-One bank, with additional protection provided by national investor compensation insurance schemes.

    .. More importantly, Forex Review Websites have listed FX Primus as a very reliable Forex Brokerage to work with

    No one is perfect, but here's the biggest reason why we like FX Primus - they are transparent and quick to respond to issues

    While no Forex broker online has perfect reviews, you can easily see that FX Primus proactively resolves customer complaints on external Forex Forums and provides detailed replies to problems that customers face online.

    You can see an example below taken from a Forex forum.

    2017-04-15 17_40_30-Fx Primus _ Forex Brokers Reviews _ Forex Peace Army.png

    Some additional information about FX Primus and how seriously they take customer safety..

    FXPrimusSafety1.png safety2.png

    Try FX Primus out today and try out their trading platform!

    If you already have a Trading account with another broker, try out FX Primus and see the difference yourself. :)

    Setting up and creating your account with FX Primus

    If you're new to trading, and you're just getting started... We recommend that you create a DEMO ACCOUNT to practice first.

    A demo account does not require any funds, and is a 'practice' account for you to test and try out your trading skills. Demo accounts which you setup on FXPrimus last forever - you just need to make a practice trade every 30 days, if not they will get deleted automatically by the system.

    Until you are comfortable with trading and have been consistent in gaining returns, we recommend that you practice with a demo account.

    To get your Demo Account you first need to create a Trading Account at FX Primus.

    Fill up your personal details like the following..



    When you come to the 3rd screen under Experience - We recommend the following settings for Account Type, Leverage and Base Currency.

    These are our recommendations especially if you are a new trader.

    You can create more than 1 Trading account with different settings later if you feel the need to change your trading account, but if you are unsure about the type of account to setup, you can start first with our recommendations.


    One last step before your account is open...

    Complete the last few details before you open your account.

    (PS - You can always upload your Proof of Residence and Proof of Identity later).


    And you're done!

    Check your email for Login details to log into the Account Area of your FXPrimus Trading Account.

    Log into your FXPrimus Account Area to download MT4

    Click here to Login into your FX Primus Account


    Select MT4 on the menu bar and then click 'Download MT4 Platform'.

    Choose your platform (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android) that you wish to download MT4 to.


    Follow the instructions to Install MetaTrader 4 onto your platform. You will also see options to setup a Demo account on your platform.

    Once you have access to your account, it's time to move on to configuring your charts!

    A SIMPLE Trading Chart will help you succeed FASTER

    We at onefxx together with our team of traders believe in keeping things very simple - there is actually no need for indicators that you've heard like (RSI, MACD, Stochastics etc) because they are often what we call delayed or lagging indicator.

    By the time you see a signal that appears on the indicators, the movement has already happened!

    There are many people who like using indicators and that is ok and it is to their own personal preference and choice - but often an indicator can easily confuse you with different conflicting signals.


    We do actually use SOME indicators, but when you are starting out. It's best to begin with just the chart itself, and slowly learn and practice what other indicators do.

    And yes! It is possible to trade successfully without ANY indicators! (You will need however, some tools like Trendlines and rectangles to help you).

    If you really want to use indicators, start with ONE and slowly learn how to use and master it. Most expert traders rely on less than 3 indicators. If you see someone using more than 5 indicators, please...stay away from them. You're most likely to get confused and give up when you don't have a clear signal to trade.

    Trading is can be very challenging so why make it more confusing? KEEP IT SIMPLE!

    Just use a clean and clear chart with nothing else on it. It will show you everything you need to know! Our Breakout strategy is a great example of a BUY/SELL strategy without the use of indicators and you will understand why. It is one of the simplest, most easy to follow strategy which lets you make great trades easily.

    Trading "Clean" Helps You Survive Long Term

    When you learn the base fundamentals without indicators, it also means you can trade with ANY broker, ANY software. It also means you are not tied down to anyone.

    If you have paid money for a custom indicator before.. what happens if you need to change Trading software in future? Or the indicator doesn't get updated with the latest version of your trading platform?

    Learn to trade clean and simple, trust us it will make your life EASIER!

    4. Setting up your Trading Charts for your Smartphone, PC or Mac for Optimal Trading Performance
    Here are some quick steps for you to set up your MT4 platform on your choice of device.

    Below are some quick set-up and configuration instructions for:

    MetaTrader 4 Mobile Application Instructions

    Android Setup Instructions
    Coming shortly

    iPhone/iOS Setup Instructions

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png

    PC/Mac MetaTrader 4

    Once you have created your account with FxPrimus. Login and go to


    Once you have downloaded and installed your platform...

    You will see a screen like this.

    Select "FXPrimus - Practice" and click NEXT.





    When you click 'Finish', MetaTrader (MT4) will connect to FxPrimus to start showing you your practice account!

    Congratulations for starting!

    Now it's time to setup your charts!

    Have a Clean Chart!

    It's important to have a clean chart without any indicator. Having a clean chart allows you to see the market clearly, and we recommend you to do the following.

    1. Close ALL the Chart Windows and Leave only ONE chart on your screen!


    2. Maximise your remaining chart. 'Right-Click' with your mouse on the chart and click 'Grid' to REMOVE the Grid.


    Step 3. Remove all Indicators. ^^ Right-Click on your chart, go to 'Indicators List' and delete everything in the Indicators Window. Click 'Close'.


    Step 4. Right-Click and go to "Properties" to set up your chart colors.


    Step 5. Set up your colors and click 'SAVE'. You can follow our design ONEFXX style, or create your own. It's up to you ^^ but for a beginner, we suggest a white-based background first as we find it allow you to see clearer.


    Step 6. Save your template - and have it load as a default template in future.



    You can also download our MT4 templates and load them into your MT4 software to change the colors automatically. We included a White-Background and Black-Background theme.

    We strongly recommend downloading the platform from FXPrimus ( Sign up for your free account, and then download the MetaTrader (MT4) Platform in their download section.

    That's it!

    Let us know if you need any help by posting below.

    Get Familiar!

    Now that you've setup MetaTrader, take your time to get familiar with the platform and it's few important functions. Here are some must-knows!


    Since you're on a practice account, open and close trades just to get the feel of things. (Note: If you're doing this on the weekend, the markets may not allow you to place trades).

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